a gym gives you a space to work out… we create work out experiences

the myTRAINER membership model is simple… no big hourly training bills and no appointments to miss or break.  Our 3000 square foot gym and on-staff certified personal trainers are all about making one-on-one fitness enjoyable and accessible, for a fraction of what you’d expect to pay for training!

we provide access to individual fitness training that YOU fit into YOUR busy and sometimes unpredictable day!   and, unlike other health clubs where personal training is by appointment only and charged for by the hour, a myTRAINER membership includes drop-in access to certified fitness professionals who are always available and good to go, whenever you show!

founder Keely Knack, a former gymnast and competitive athlete, believes that everyone can benefit from on-going, individual direction and instruction.  but access to knowledgeable guidance can be pricey and difficult to schedule.  myTRAINER eliminates those barriers by offering personal training through monthly membership plans that don’t require appointments and are priced below what many big-box clubs charge just to belong!

it’s a friendly, high-energy environment, encouraging a strong sense of belonging… making your work-out fly by and, at times, wanting to stay a bit longer!  no problem!  myTRAINER adjusts to your schedule, never limiting your session length, so whether your goal is weight loss, marathon training or simply maintaining good form, our dedicated and trained staff will help you set, reach and exceed your health and fitness goals.

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