Client Testimonials

"... my thanks to you and your team for treating me so well."Adam Hall - Chicago, IL
"Thank you!!! As much as I would love to take credit, I genuinely owe it all to you. It is because of YOU, your endless positive energy, infectious smile, incredible motivation and the supportive environment that YOU created that keeps me (and so many others) coming back to myTRAINER for more. I get excited to be there to see you and be with this great group of personal trainers and clients in the AM. It's like a little family. You are so special and I am lucky to have you in my life and call you my friends."Jill Pearlman - Highland Park, IL
"I have nothing but compliments for the entire staff and facility. For someone who has time and desire, I don't think there's a better option in the area for a great fitness program."Michael Malley - Riverwoods, IL
"Thank you so much! Because of you and your team I have never felt better or more motivated about taking care if myself! Better late than never, right?"Annemarie Bennett - Evanston, IL
"P.S.  Kyle was terrific."Larry Kart - Highland Park, IL
"Best work out ever! I love being a part of the myTRAINER community."Natalie Doppelt - Riverwoods, IL
"Thank you Keely and myTRAINER... you've taught my daughter to enjoy exercise."Jill Doppelt - Riverwoods, IL
"I’m learning so much as my body adjusts to the increased exercise - the treatment of pain and discomfort is extremely helpful!"Uncle 'Freddy' Kroll - Highland Park, IL
"Looking forward to getting in shape. I had fun today, love your studio."Dina Zirlin - Highland Park, IL
"It's good to have such a supportive and positive-spirit-filled place to come home to! You guys are the best!"Eileen Kroll - Highland Park, IL
"Today you guys were my coach, therapist, best friend, motivator, guru and girl crush. I walked in depressed, angry, lethargic, flabby and in a self-indulgent place of self-pity because of all my physical injuries. And what did you do? You transformed me head to toe, body to brain, all in about an hour. You guys knew exactly what to say and how to deal with me, creating the most amazing, perfect and kick-my-behind-safely exercises like only you can. You basically saved my life today, and you know what that means don't you? That's right, you are now responsible for me for the rest of my life! And I wouldn't have it be anyone else. XO"Ellen Rubenstein - Highland Park, IL
"I've lost 6 lbs! I'm outside (and thankfully under) that same 5 lb window! I'm SO happy and inspired to push harder and harder. I wanted to thank you."Ali Chekaras - Highland Park, IL
"Awesome workout today, I was shaking trying to walk in my heels! Thanks! I love your workouts, they make me sweat like I've been on the treadmill for hours!"Stacy Manolas - Lake Forest, IL
"Thanks keely! I couldn't do it without the help and motivation from you and the myTRAINER team. You are helping me change my life. Thank you is never going to be enough. XXOO"Erica Sidell - Deerfield, IL
"Just wanted to say that Chris did an awesome workout for me last night. I feel great this morning. He hit all the right spots and really helped stretchout my shoulder and back muscles. Really fantastic - you have a great team!"Michael Shore - Northbrook, IL
"I never thought I would love going to the gym! All thanks to myTRAINER."Abigail Matz - Highland Park, IL
"I’m so glad to be part of your club! The atmosphere is comfortable and you make each member feel welcome. It is nice to be addressed by name and feel a sense of belonging. Your trainers are knowledgeable and I have left there each time feeling I received a great workout. Your energy is contagious and it makes me want to come back. You should be very proud of the place that you have created. Thanks so much for giving me a place to exercise!"Colleen Sanchez - Northbrook, IL
"What a difference a year makes! I don’t often do this, but I have to give a big shout out to myTRAINER in Highland Park. In short, the trainers there changed my life. I have tried many different workouts, but nothing got me back into shape quicker than their hardcore routines. One year and 30 pounds later I am in the best physical condition of my life. So thanks to Keely, Tom and all the others for their help!"Michael Shore - Northbrook, IL
"I have battled to lose weight for many years. Once menopause hit, it became very clear that I had lost that battle. In January of this year, Keely, the owner of myTRAINER, took me aside and built a special program to help me lose weight and build bone and muscle strength. Since then, I have lost 25 pounds. I have not looked or felt this fit in decades. Keely, and the entire training team at myTRAINER, customize programs for each individual’s needs and work hard to help every member meet their goals. They know how to adjust the workout to accommodate your specific issues – be it arthritis in the joints or a tender lower back. When you are done with the work out, they roll out your muscles with a foam roller to release the lactic acid and mitigate any soreness the next day. They really take care about you. I’d highly recommend them. They’re simply outstanding."Linda Petchenik - Deerfield, IL
"Your positive and infectious enthusiasm keeps me coming back… happy I can call you a friend!"Fred Kroll - Highland Park, IL
"I appreciate your kindness and wonderful energy at the gym!"Susan Spritz-Myers - Glencoe, IL
"I have known myTRAINER less than a week and already I feel part of a larger community. Thank you – especially to Keely Knack – for being the epitome of excellent customer service and mostly for not killing me!"Patricia Nisenholz - Highland Park, IL
"Thanks for the 144 reps of 20 lb. squats on my 12 Days of Christmakkah workout. My butt thanks you!"Sheryl Goldman - Glenview, IL
"Thanks, Keely. You’ve made us feel welcome and part of the family."Susan & Harold Fisher - Northbrook, IL
"So much fun!!! Thanks."Stefanie Gehrig - Highland Park, IL
"Your energy is jumping off the page!"Jami & Alisa Bay - Highland Park, IL
"Thanks for all of your encouragement."Shari Frank - Highland Park, IL
"You know where I will be tomorrow. You are the best!"Joni Friedman - Highland Park, IL
"I absolutely loved the workout you gave me! It was just right. Thanks."Barbara Gottesman - Highland Park, IL
"You guys have definitely been kicking me into shape. I love walking into the gym and seeing your smiles."Jacqueline Tsang - Winnetka, IL
"Thank you. I love coming to training."Joanne Elster - Highland Park, IL
"You care about your clients. You are very smart and I am confident that you have and will continue to have a successful business. Thank you!"Doris Alonso - Chicago, IL
"Keely, you and your staff are tops! I love coming to your club and always feel better when I leave. Thanks for making a work out so much fun, and always different! Love you all!"Colleen Foley - Deerfield, IL
"Keep up the good work!"Stan Konik - Highland Park, IL
"I love myTRAINER. You are the greatest!"Beverly Seiffert - Highland Park, IL

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